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Episode 2 Released!

2008-03-07 12:51:09 by Fpeerless

It's very relieving on my agenda to be finished with episode 2. The second episode is usually the hardest for any flash series. There are many improvements that I've made between the first and second episode:

1. More dynamic movement between the characters and the environment.
2. More effective sound ques and transitions.
3. Better usage of the vcam and actionscript.

There were also a few problems with episode 2

1. A library full of bitmaps limited my maximum file size and duration.
2. During the first release, the second half was out of sync.
3. Loading problems.

For the next episode I am going to draw out my bitmaps and shy away from the style I've developed in the past episodes. This will help make the movies longer and take up less space. I don't have the knowledge right now to really know what went wrong with loading episode 2, but I hope I can improve from that drawback.Contact Me


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