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Episode 2 in progress

2008-02-26 22:35:04 by Fpeerless

After the outcome of the first episode, I am still coming across a few problems through the production of episode 2. The file size is becoming an issue along with parts of the movie going out of sync. I hope this can be corrected through the preloader, though I am not sure.

I am looking forward to many improvements come the third episode. I plan to make character development more dynamic with greater exposure to the plot and introducing the real Grandeur Knights.

Once again, thanks for anyone who has or is continuing to give me support and feedback. It is always appreciated.


Episode 2 in progress


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2008-02-26 22:39:00

actually i lke yo series. the problem is, they are short. i know it must take alot of work, but i like it, tahts why i think they should be bigger. no offence. make more


2008-03-06 09:55:04

the first is cool.